• Fortnite Battle Royale es un juego que enfrenta a cientos de jugadores entre sí en partidas multijugador online, y se engloba dentro del género de Battle Royale. Podemos jugar como individuo o unirnos a un equipo de hasta cuatro y tenemos un único objetivo: ser la última persona o el último grupo en pie. En este juego no solo podemos demostrar quién es el más fuerte, ¡sino que tendremos que construir y buscar armas para sobrevivir! Fortnite es gratis (aunque hay compras integradas en el juego) y se ha convertido en un éxito inmediato entre los usuarios. Ha sido desarrollado Epic Games y a mediados de 2017 salió PlayStation 4, Xbox One, ordenador y Mac. Ahora también está disponible para iOS y muy pronto llegará el Fortnite para Android.

Rumor Fortnite: The Season 6 Fake Leak That Is Confusing Players

Taking into account that there are fewer and fewer days and weeks left for us to get our hands on those content that Epic Games launches for the next Fortnite Season 6 (which would be released on March 16 if everything continues according to what was planned), it is logical that the community is pending before any possible leak that arises in the light of it.
And the fact is that the latter has caused a supposed new image of Season 6 to circulate on the networks, which, according to the leaker known as LeaksStormScar, is a concept created by the artist FitzyLeakz; thus ending a confusion that has been hovering over the fan community for the past few days. Next, we leave you with the aforementioned initial capture along with the actual design with which it corresponds:

1614626475927-png.883 Fortnite: The Season 6 Fake Leak That Is Confusing Players
1614626511596-png.884 Fortnite: The Season 6 Fake Leak That Is Confusing Players

However; Knowing how close we are currently to the next Fortnite Season 6, it would not be strange if in the coming days and weeks the first truthful clues began to emerge about those contents that we could find in the game with the leap that it makes towards its new season; from the new mechanics that Epic Games is developing to the advancement of a plot that has not done more than mess our heads on more than one occasion.
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